Mitera Style Guide: Night Out (Shh…Without Kids!)

Mitera Style Guide: Night Out (Shh…Without Kids!)

Going out? We have just the outfit for you.  Dressed up with strappy heels, our Grace Dress is perfect for going-out, but easily pair it up with flat sandals, and it instantly becomes your chic summer dress

The front panel of pleats keeps the two zipper access points for breastfeeding perfectly hidden. Using a high quality poly-blend fabric, the Grace retains the pleats permanently while still being washable. The Grace comes with a belt made of the same fabric - wear it empire-waist during pregnancy and around your waist to accentuate it post pregnancy. Whatever the occasion, wearing the Grace Dress will sure make you feel, and look,  like a goddess!  

We would wear the Grace Dress with...

1.  Natural Horn Earrings
2. A Statement Ring 
3. A Sculptural Bracelet Hand-Made in NYC
4. A gorgeous Pale Golden Clutch
5. An elegant pair of nude and pale gold shoes


September 01, 2016 — Mitera Collection