Breastmilk is a protein and will bond to both man-made and synthetic fibers.  "Protein stains" often don't appear on the clothes (baby clothes, breastfeeding bras, dresses and tops) right away but can appear much much later.  The yellowish protein stains would be most noticeable on whites.

Breastmilk stains must be washed off immediately with cold water to prevent these yellowish stains.  This is especially important if you plan on washing and putting away your garment for future use.

If your clothes are stained, these threads provide good information on how to remove the stains. 

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Mitera understands that moms have to put their clothes through a lot!  So, we are committed in sourcing the finest fabrics that are machine washable.  However, to ensure the integrity of the fabric and design and longevity of your garments, we recommend that all items be placed in a meshed laundry bag (finer the mesh, more delicate it is) to be washed in a delicate cycle and to be lined dried in shade.  All of our fabrics should dry over-night in normal humidity.