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Christy Zolty_Customer Feedback

Christy Zolty  
fashionista, designer, mother

“I think the concept and dresses are brilliant. When I was pregnant and postpartum with Jude I was unable to find dresses that looked like what I would normally wear."

"I would hide in corners and drape myself with layers of fabric in order to feed him in public. Wearing things with gathers and crop tops just isn’t my style. Now I am able to comfortably feed Pepper without a hassle. I wear a Mitera dress every day and would own every piece if I could! Every dress was designed and made with a nursing mother in mind.”

Tylynn Nguyen

Tylynn Nguyen  
model, entrepreneur

“Thank you!! I love it!"

"Let me tell you! We were at the Grove in Los Angeles and my son was hungry…my daughter kept pulling on my pant leg to pay attention to something she saw. You know how that is, as a mom with a new baby you need to hurry up and feed your baby so you can also concentrate on your toddler! All I had to do was unzip my dress and bam! The baby was good and my daughter was getting the attention she desired. Lifesaver!” (Tylynn bought the Ellen Dress)

Hilary Baxendale

Hilary Baxendale  
a childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor and mother of two

"Once I was out of that awkward “I just had a big lunch” phase and actually looked pregnant, I enjoyed showing my bump off! I wore a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes in creative ways (hair elastic in the button holes, layers, etc) and filled in with maternity pieces where I had to. I would have loved to have something like Mitera that didn’t look like a “maternity dress” and worked for nursing too. Maternity clothes are getting so much better, but nursing tops? Awful. Most moms I know need to get half naked to pump at work, so...” 

“Mitera is really filling a need here."


 Grace breastfeeding her daughter in her Charlotte Dress

Grace Lee 

Organic Beauty line NineNaturals Founder/CEO and a mother of two girls

“Perfect for a postpartum body and feeding on the go!. "

"I love the Charlotte Dress! It is really well constructed with comfortable, high-quality stretch-material that holds you in without constricting (perfect for a postpartum body!). I love the professional, clean look that is stylish for a lunch meeting, convenient for pumping in a rush, and versatile for going from school pickup to after-work drinks.”

Gina with her daughter in her Charlotte Dress

Gina Nebesar
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer at Ovia Health and a mother

“Felt amazing in Mitera!"

"(On her style changing) This was something I wasn’t expecting. Every clothing choice I made revolved around breastfeeding. I bought so many nursing tanks and clothes that made breastfeeding more accessible yet fashionable. I felt amazing in Mitera. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and made wearing workwear less intimidating to me as a new mom. I plan to wear it again whether or not I’m breastfeeding!” (Tylynn bought the Ellen Dress)

Annabella looking gorgeous in her Katie Dress

Annabella Daily
Founder of a BeautyApp, MapMyBeauty and mother of two boys

“It’s the only dress a breastfeeding mom can really wear!"

"The Katie dress is the most genius piece of clothing I have ever come across! It became an immediate staple in my wardrobe, allowing me to not only look and feel stylish post-birth (I love the loose but chic fit!), but also to easily transition between breastfeeding Miles, and running to a meeting, and coming back for another feed. The Katie dress, paired with a blazer, was like made for this occasion. But beyond business occasions, I have been wearing the Katie dress a lot on the weekends and in the evenings, with or without a cozy cardigan, just to feel pretty! It’s the only dress a breastfeeding mom can really wear!”

Stephanie in her Ellen Dress in Blush

Stephanie Sy
Yahoo Journalist and a mother of a little girl

“It’s the kind of beautiful, versatile, and comfortable piece I would wear regardless of the bonus booby pockets!"

"(On the Ellen Dress) As soon as I slipped on the dress, I felt more graceful and feminine. I haven’t been nursing for several years, so I didn’t have a chance to try out the handy breastfeeding feature, but I marveled at how well-camouflaged the access points were! It’s the kind of beautiful, versatile, and comfortable piece I would wear regardless of the bonus booby pockets! (On Mitera) The goals of Mitera seem to speak to this part of me that wishes for more community with like-minded career moms.”