August 2016: The Month of Stories

“In August we celebrated World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month in the US. Thank you all for being a part of this awareness-raising month. Throughout the month, we were lucky to have a lot of real moms sharing their breastfeeding experiences in their own voices. We also shared stories on the benefits as well as challenges of breastfeeding. This whole month also gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own breastfeeding experience, which I will be sharing in a dedicated blog post. 

For now, here are my favorites related to nursing for the month of August. ”

xx Yoko

August 2016: The Month of Stories

My Brest Friend

August 2016: The Month of Stories

Favorites for Mamas

I had both Boppy and My Brestfriend. In fact, I had two of each so that I can breastfeed upstairs, downstairs, and in my car if necessary. After using both Boppy and My Brestfriend, I have to say my Brestfriend truly became my Brestfriend. Because I am short and small (5'1), the Boppy did not quite fit my my body as it sat way below where I wanted the baby to lie.  I felt like I was bending forwards all the time to feed him. My Brestfriend could be strapped to my midsection snuggly and I could walk around with it with the baby resting on it. 

Because my nipples bled for the first few weeks of my breastfeeding experience (no, sandpapering your nipples during pregnancy to prepare them for breastfeeding does not work. Don't try it), I always had this organic nipple cream at hand. I used both Lansinoh and Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter

August 2016: The Month of Stories 

Miracle Blanket

Favorites for Baby

Your baby needs sleep but so do the parents. It depends on the baby but both of our kids loved being swaddled and slept better when swaddled. More good news? - swaddling can also reduce infant death.  After trying to unsuccessfully replicate the swaddling technique the nurses used at the hospital, we resorted to using the Miracle blanket to perfect our baby Burrito technique. We loved it so much that we gave it as gifts to other new parents. 


August 2016: The Month of Stories

Dohm White Noise Machine

Favorites for the Home

We used the white noise we downloaded (yes, we did) as well as an actual white noise machine like this one to help our baby sleep. Did you know that the white noise machine is good for both parents and the baby? It is scientifically proven that the sound of a crying baby, that of YOUR crying is one of the most stressful sounds to humans. Sometimes you need a white noise machine to drown the sound of your baby crying while you try to take a shower without lactating. As a brand new mom, I was terrified that my baby was going to die if I could not hear him over the white noise machine. But as a mom, you will hear your baby cry no matter where you are (you can in fact hear every little whimper) and I also had my video baby monitor that I carried around everywhere...

August 2016: The Month of Stories

Lansinoh storage packs

August 2016: The Month of Stories

Medela Freestyle

Favorites for Work

For pumping at the office, I bought myself the Medela Freestyle. I love the portability and it is powerful and sturdy that I used it for both kids. I also had a ton of these. In fact I still have some left and do you know what they are perfect for after you are done pumping?  You can put your phone in it!  A cheap water resistant iPhone case.  I use this trick when I take my phone exercisig like running, biking and swimming or when you go to the beach or pool with your kids. 

You also want something to prevent your liquid gold from being spoiled, so I chose their Medela's cooler bag for the job.

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*Disclaimer: all these recommendations are purely personal and are not the result of any brand sponsorships. 

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