"We are all beautiful mummas."

“The biggest hurdle I had to overcome with public breastfeeding was within myself. I had grown so accustomed to societal pressures of ‘covering up’ my breasts throughout my life that I felt ashamed or voyeuristic if they were flaunted. My feelings changed when I saw a famous photo of a tribal woman breastfeeding her baby with next to no clothing on. I suddenly realized that there should be no difference between myself and the beautiful tribal woman. We are all beautiful mummas doing what comes completely natural and pure, and should never feel ashamed for doing what our bodies were made for: breastfeeding. I am a public breastfeeding advocate and will always stand up for the right to do what comes naturally.”

Ali Colbourn, mother and entrepreneur, recounting her epiphany that changed her opinion about breastfeeding.


August 23, 2016 — Mitera Collection