"Breastfeeding is a love fest."

"I had this misconception that once I gave birth, milk was going to be pouring out by the bucket-fulls. Therefore, I thought something was wrong with me when I only had tiny drops of milk; however, you only need enough to fill a baby's marble-sized tummy during the first few days. I pumped every moment I wasn't nursing, and I set an alarm on my phone to every 2 hours around the clock to nurse. It was exhausting, and I would have been better off if I rested, stayed hydrated, and ate well during the down time. After months of experience and longer stretches of sleep, I was able to fill up my freezer with bags of milk. Now, I am much more confident and educated in taking care of my second baby. Breastfeeding is a love fest." 

Christina J. Warren, mother and photographer, describing how she got to love breastfeeding.
August 15, 2016 — Mitera Collection