"Breastfeeding always felt uncomplicated and full of tenderness."

"I was surprised to have such mixed emotions when I introduced my son to solid foods. It's exciting to reach a new stage with your child, but I think a small part of you will always miss what's left behind. We continued our breastfeeding relationship well beyond the introduction of solids, but nothing quite compared to the simplicity of exclusive breastfeeding. I savored the intoxicating smell of sweet, milky, newborn breath. Breastfeeding provided me with a whole new level of respect for my body, and I felt rest assured that his nutritional needs were always being met. It offered quiet, bonding moments amidst the sometimes crazy parenting days. For all of these reasons you can second guess your choices in motherhood, for me, breastfeeding always felt uncomplicated and full of tenderness."

Carley Mendes, mother and blogger of Oh Baby Nutrition, reminiscing.

August 27, 2016 — Mitera Collection