Tour Graphic Designer Ceci Johnson’s Bright Fashion-Forward Nursery

If you’ve ever seen or received a Ceci New York wedding invitation, you know you’re the lucky recipient of a breathtaking work of art. So when it came time to design her almost-4-month-old daughter Elle (“Ellie”) Hazel’s nursery, the award-winning graphic designer brought the same discerning eye, glam touches and personal details that are hallmarks of her luxe stationery. We talked with the creative director to find out her inspo for turning a white box into a trendy yet timeless colorful space she hopes Elle will enjoy for years to come.

What was your vision for the nursery?
I learned with my son Mason [now 4] that babies don’t remain little for very long. The money and the amount of work you put into designing the nursery kind of gets outdated quickly. So this time, I tried to figure out how I could leverage items I already owned, and bought new ones Elle would be able to grow into. I wanted the room to be fun, youthful and fashion forward—a mix of all the things I love and want to inspire her with. I also knew I didn’t want a typical princessy, fluffy baby room. I started with a clean black-and-white palette then added graphic impacts and pops of color in raspberry, pink, orange and red, along with the hints of brass and gold. When my 14-year-old stepdaughter Caroline first saw the nursery, she said, “I love this room—I want it to be my room!” So the fact that a teenager loves it, I’m like, “Okay, mission accomplished.