Ceci Johnson's Baby Picks

With the addition of Baby Elle and becoming a mom of 2, I now needed, more than ever, reliable, helpful (and, stylish!) products to count on as I navigated the early days of trying to juggle it all.  Here are a handful of helpful yet beautiful items to get us through this major adjustment in life called motherhood. Especially those afternoons when your baby just doesn't want to be put down and you have to get things done (thank you Lalabu Soothe Shirt, you've been a godsend!), and for the times when you just need to feel pulled together at the office but nothing fits anymore in your closet (Mitera Collection is my new fav for nursing mothers). And, of course, lets not forget the adorable products for the baby (can we talk about how cute the shoes are?). Plus, they all make great gifts, too!

Here's to keeping our sanity, one great product at a time!