More about Yoko's Story

Working on providing healthcare in underdeveloped countries for the World Bank in Liberia

A global perspective. Seeped in
years of bettering the world.

The path to owning a fashion brand wasn’t a straight one. When her father passed away from a complication with Hepatitis C, Yoko first dedicated 15 years of her life improving the quality of healthcare in developing countries, working with organizations like the World Bank and the Clinton foundation.

Through motherhood,
we’re all connected.

Becoming a mom was not only the most powerful experience of her life, but it gave her the ability to understand what other mothers were experiencing—with a focus on women in the developing world who struggle to care for themselves and their babies. Like so many modern women, the birth of her children did not stifle her passion, but made it stronger.

We have a duty to empower
mothers everywhere.

The first few years of a mother’s life, from conceiving to carrying to birthing to feeding to raising a baby, are profound and transformative—but they aren’t easy. The career pressure to delay starting a family, discrimination at the workplace and the challenges to breastfeed are just some of the obstacles women face. Yoko believes that women, regardless of their personal choices as mothers, deserve our support.

Yoko Shimada

Mitera was created
to celebrate motherhood.

In a leap of faith, Yoko created Mitera. Through it, she honors the process of creating and bringing life into this world, and celebrates the nurturer—the unique, beautiful, determined, multifaceted woman who gives all she has, while still remaining who she is.

She’s a mother of two. A triathlete. A pursuer of dreams. And Yoko won’t stop pushing forward as she continues to connect and empower moms around the world. Her next endeavor could be only a leap of faith away.