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December, 2015


Treasured Trends to See You and Your Little Lady Through the Season - Our Ellen Dress in Ivory in Baby London.


October, 2015

Yoko Shimada: Dress for Success

"Yoko Shimada is a woman on a mission. Her aim is to make motherhood easier for women across the world – something she plans to do through her US-based fashion label Mitera." 

"With plans to expand the dress range, Mitera’s future is looking healthy, too. And Yoko remains committed to closing the gap between society’s unaccommodating expectations of mothers in the workplace and the tools available.

Raising a baby isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But with Mitera, Yoko hopes to make it just that little bit easier."


August 3, 2015


Bump and beyond: Chic pieces that work during pregnancy — and long after

"Dressing a bump is fun, there’s no doubt. It’s a rare time when our proportions get flipped around and a bulging belly is something to show off rather than disguise. 

But that full belly is actually a fairly short blip in the whole process — a process that presents new challenges for dressing with each phase. And don’t forget about after the birth and the possibility of months of nursing

With that in mind, here are some pieces to get you through the early months, those big-belly days and beyond — when you need all the help you can get.

"... the Mitera Elif Dress ($340 at has hidden zipper access on the chest for convenient nursing or pumping access. Its edgy cocoon shape accommodates a growing belly, but looks ultra-cool after, as well."


July 20, 2015

"A chic collection of nursing dresses to ensure you have one less obstacle postpartum."

Thank you, Nine Naturals for the mention!  We love your mission of making beauty simple, smart and safe for moms and moms-to-be.  

(text and photo courtesy of WellRoundedNY)


June 16th, 2015

We are so happy that Chriselle, a gorgeous mom of baby girl Chloe and an uber stylist from Chriselle Factor loves our Katie Dress!  Don't miss this video where she talks about being stylish as a nursing mom. 


June 8th, 2015

A gorgeous fashion stylist, Jenny Greenstein looking stunning in our Black Grace Dress at 35 weeks pregnant talks about her commitment to making women feel beautiful, inspired and empowered. We share the same mission so we are so excited to be working with her. She was the in-house pre and post-natal stylist for us at the ‪#‎BiggestBabyShower‬ event last month. Check out her stylist services here >> and read her full blog post here >>


June 8th, 2015


Natalie, a San Diego-based blogger and contributing editor for Glitter Guide who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life has partnered with us in sharing some thoughts on topics related to modern motherhood while featuring the beautiful, nursing-friendly Ellen Dress styled different ways. The second post is about pumping at work (a topic very close to our hearts...).  Read the entire post here


June 4th, 2015

Our founder's interview in

"The line has been really well received already, with influencer mums and media stateside raving about the easy to wear, but attractive and formal dresses." - Read the entire article here.


May 28th, 2015


Natalie, a San Diego-based blogger and contributing editor for Glitter Guide who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life has partnered with us in sharing some thoughts on topics related to modern motherhood while featuring the beautiful, nursing-friendly Ellen Dress styled different ways.  The first post is on the topic of being a stay at home, work at home mom. Don't miss the post!


May 25, 2015

Thank you, MomTrends for featuring our Katie Dress in Slate/Navy!  

May 20, 2015

Thank you, SassyMama Dubai for featuring our founder Yoko as 'That Mama'! 
" A gorgeous mama of two beautiful children, Yoko is committed to making motherhood stylish. As founder of Mitera, a stunning collection of dresses specifically designed for new and nursing mamas, Yoko’s mission began when she envisioned the perfect dress that would be suitable for all parts of her life – one that she could wear out to dinner or to the office and to breastfeed and pump – and then found that actually sourcing that perfect dress proved an impossibility."
Read the entire article here.

May 13, 2015

Thank you, WellRoundedNY for featuring Mitera and our founder Yoko's story


April 8, 2015


Jenny, a NYC-based personal stylist, style coach, and founder of the blog Your Soul Style is 26 weeks pregnant and a contributing writer to WellRoundedNY, an online magazine for all things pregnancy in NYC. She featured our Ellen Dress in the article!

"And if you’re breastfeeding, it can be a challenge to find styles that are equipped to get the job done with ease. With that said, click over to WRNY where I offer options to ease the transition, and will also introduce you to a few brands that are creating style specific merchandise to make this temporary period in your life that much sweeter. Think hidden zippers!"


Can you guess which gorgeous dress offers the hidden zippers?


April 6, 2015

Natalie, a San Diego-based blogger and contributing editor for Glitter Guide who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life recently featured us in her The Best Places to Shop For Maternity Clothes post.



March 30, 2015

WellRoundedNY, an online magazine for all things pregnancy in NYC just featured us in a post
about Back to Work Postpartum Fashion! Our Ellen Dress in Ivory is featured alongside dresses 
from JCrew, Hatch and Diane von Furstenberg 


March 12, 2015

Cool Mom Picks, the hottest gear, style, and design sites on the web for parents, just featured us in their Style+Beauty Section under the MATERNITY WEAR THAT DOESN’T SUCK!



What are you thinking? Write a review and use #IamMitera to share it. Or email a link to

"When I'm wearing my Mitera dress I do not feel like I look pregnant. It does a great job of making me feel both dressed up and comfortable. Because of the cut it does a great job of concealing the awkward early to middle stage belly when you aren't quite so big yet and just feel like you look bloated. I want to wear this dress every day...."                                  - Ms. E, Brooklyn, NY (bought Elif Dress in Black) 

"I LOVE IT!  So beautifully made and the quality is impeccable! So, amazing!" 
                                                                                                                              - Ms. N, New York, NY (bought Elif Dress in Black)

"It fits perfectly! Which is saying A LOT for me. It is hard to find dresses that fit AND are flattering at the same time. I am just shy of 5'10" and the length is perfect - it hits just above the knee. It's super comfortable and flows nicely and doesn't get "caught" when I bend over to pick up one of my many mini-mees. The dress is beautiful and I got complimented on it the other night at the theatre. I feel beautiful and confident in it, which is quite a feat when you're pregnant with your fifth child!!  The packaging is lovely. I really felt like I was opening something special (which I was!). My husband told me to save the box (which I did!).  The bra section is very comfortable and fits nicely, with or without a regular bra underneath."
                                                                                                 - Ms. E, Virginia (5 months pregnant and was gifted Elif Dress in Slate)

This review is from a customer who is a mom of two boys but done with breastfeeding already.

"I am not pregnant, nor am I breastfeeding. Yet, I just had to get a dress from this collection! I just received the Katie Nursing Dress in slate.  I love it so much that I wore it to two parties in a row! I love the fact that it has pockets (very very important for moms!) and it is machine-washable! Congratulations to the opening of Mitera!!

妊娠もしていないし、授乳期間はとっくに過ぎ去ってしまっているけれど、このマタニティコレクションからKatie Nursing Dressをオーダーさせてもらった!着やすくて、ラインも綺麗で、ポケットもついていて(これ大事ね)、ジャバジャバ洗える!届くのがすごぉく楽しみ! Mitera がオープン!!" 
                                                                                                                       - Ms. Y, Dubai, UAE (bought Katie Dress in Slate)


"Well I am one happy customer! I love my dress! It is gorgeous! So well cut, so well made and it feels wonderful. I can start wearing it already... But I can imagine how great it's going to look when I've got a big bump ... And it will be wonderful for nursing the baby.  It is gorgeous ... You have buckets of style! And I love the mesh laundry bag with the awesome message. Everything about the product is so classy."

                                                                                                                   - Ms. S, Baltinglass, Ireland (bought Elif Dress in Black)                                                                                               


"OMG the fabric is amazing! They arrived in perfect, wearable condition right out of the box. And SO comfortable!!
The Charlotte Dress fits like a glove. The laundry bags are GENIUS!  Love them!" 
                                                                                               - Ms. K, Washington, D.C. (bought Charlotte and Ellen Dress in Ivory)


"And it [is] so lovely! What a shame I didn’t have these when I was actually breastfeeding. So elegant, feels good and so subtle, you cant even tell that you have breastfeeding openings…!"

                                                                                        - Ms. E, Tokyo, Japan (bought Ellen Dress in Ivory)