Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Moms

What do moms want for the holidays? I know I know….you all want sleep but until you can gift-wrap a full night of sleep, below are some of my favorite things! 

Soko's Organic Flex Cuff

I love this brand for its commitment to producing innovative, ethical jewelry and accessories from sustainable materials in Nairobi, Kenya. I wear this cuff literally ALL THE TIME. Since I tend to run around in my simple Mitera pieces, it really helps to add a bold piece like this to elevate the whole look. 

Amarilo Mama Necklace

Another simple yet stunning jewelry piece is this mama necklace from a brand I absolutely ADORE that is also founded by a mom. With code "AMARILOMITERA' Mitera customers can get 20% off Amarilo pieces!  

Nursing Pillow

While other nursing pillows I tried were too low or uncomfortable, this nursing pillow was my absolute favorite when I was nursing my 2 kids.  Not too glamorous but very useful - I was known to walk around the house with this wrapped around my waist. I kept one in my house and one in the car. 

Japanese Thermal Coffee Mug

All moms need coffee right? Instead of heating the same cup of coffee multiple times a day, this is a great one to hold the heat and I use it daily! 

Cuyana Oversized Tote

This is my go-to bag. It fits my laptop and everything I need. Plus it zips up completely so no worries about spilling any of my stuff. 

Besides all the items above, for me, TIME is a treat. Time to be offline and be present with my kids. I'm really looking forward to taking a few days off at end of this month and spending quality time with my kids like playing bird bingo, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas and drinking hot chocolate. 

Maybe a massage or two from Soothe won't hurt... :-)

Happy Holidays!



December 18, 2018 — Alina Jiwani