"What's it really like? Feasting."

"It's still beautiful, but I will not be allowed to forget that I'm feeding a baby boy. Lots of grunting, pulling, squeezing, and grabbing. I don't hear many people talk about the unattractive aspects of breastfeeding. The milk spraying or dripping everywhere. The leaks, the pain, the pumping. It's a lot of work and it's not always cute. We see so many peaceful images of mom looking well groomed, with a beautiful calm baby latched on, in a clean and quiet environment with functional nursing attire on. The hardest thing is being on someone else's schedule and losing sleep due to it. I feed on demand so when he's hungry, I'm up, no matter what time it is. It's exhausting but rewarding all at the same time."

- Jeanne Liebel of Live Well Mama talks the truth behind what breastfeeding really feels like

August 03, 2016 — Mitera Collection