Pumpspotting: Paving the Way to Make Boob-Ventures Easier for all Moms


Pumpspotting: Paving the Way to Make Boob-Ventures Easier for all Moms

Amy, founder of pumpspotting, has had her fair share of boob-ventures. She’s nursed in parks and playgrounds and parking lots and on hiking trails. She’s pumped in makeshift offices, dressing rooms, backseats, bathroom stalls and even between businessmen at 20,000 feet. She’s hand expressed, endured mastitis, seen many a look from others and a new level of crazy from herself when the frozen milk she shipped cross-country didn’t arrive. All in all, she’s had quite the journey.

And so have many, countless other moms.

Women all over the world nourish their sweet babes every moment of the day. Some mamas experience journeys free of complications while others hit nearly every pump in the milk making road. Despite the differences, all of us mamas have (even momentarily) felt alone. But we are not alone… there is a collective energy among us.

And Amy had the heart to harness that energy for the greater mama good.

Pumpspotting: Paving the Way to Make Boob-Ventures Easier for all Moms

Amy dreamed up pumpspotting with her heart, mind and boobs to develop a solution for the loneliness, the lack of support and the long seasons of nursing or pumping. The essence of pumpspotting is about bringing mamas (and mama supporters) together to connect and share stories along with killer pumping spots so that we don’t feel so isolated on our own boob-ventures. Breastfeeding can be hard. It is downright grueling at times between the nipple pain, on demand feeds around the clock and the endless need to pump in any and all spaces. That’s why this app was created: To support breastfeeding mothers in all their forms. To elevate experiences so that we change places, perceptions, and ultimately, the percentage of women worldwide who meet their breastfeeding goals.

“Pumpspotting connects breastfeeding women over milk, motherhood, and the best places to nurse and pump.”

Pumpspotting is women for women, mamas for mamas. It provides uplifting messages, breastfeeding + pumping tips and real life stories – never hiding any challenges. It is a way to harness this community of boobs, milk makers and milk supporters so that we may never feel alone. Mamas: together, we’ve got this.

Pumpspotting: Paving the Way to Make Boob-Ventures Easier for all Moms

The best places to connect with pumpspotting:

On the app, of course. Download the app to be able to: Connect over mamahood, nipple cream, and the many trials and triumphs of nursing and pumping. Find a pumpspot near you because as mamas post their local gems (or duds) for us all to see. Share your own spots to help fellow mamas feed their babes and relieve their boobs.

Over on Instagram where we post daily inspiration, tips and stories to encourage and support ALL the mamas.

On our Kickstarer Campaign: With just 7 days left in our campaign, we are SO close to being able to bring barb, our breast express RV, cross country to really connect with moms. Our US tour will go town-to-town next spring, allowing us to iterate on the app as we go, drive conversations and awareness and better understand the state of breastfeeding so we can build something that makes it easier, even on those hardest of days.

We at pumpspotting will never stop showing up for mamas, and we’d love for you to join us.

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August 14, 2017 — Mitera Collection