Pump with Ashland: This Pharmacy Helps Mamas Get Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

Ashland Health is an insurance covered breast pump provider. They are a free concierge service for expecting and delivered moms who are trying to navigate the process of obtaining their breast pump. They do the leg work by calling insurance companies to determine your coverage, providing a variety of top makes and models for you to choose from, and shipping the pump to you! We checked in with Caitlin McNeily, VP of Sales, to learn more about Ashland Health and how you can benefit from their services.

Pump with Ashland: This Pharmacy Helps Mamas Get Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

Why the focus on breast pumps? 

The Affordable Care Act mandated that breastfeeding supplies and support be covered by insurance plans. Ashland Health has experience servicing patients in a custom way through our compound pharmacy. Breast pumps were a natural extension as they require, in our opinion, hands on and customized service. We know we provide the best service when it comes to walking expecting moms through this process.  

Why was this important to your team?  

At Ashland Health, we are a team of all women, and further, all working moms. We are all passionate about setting women up for success as new mothers. As the VP of Sales, I am currently nursing and pumping for my 3rd child, who is 8 months. I have always worked full time and know my breast pump is the single most integral part of the process in being able to breast feed my children for as long as I am able. I want that for all women who want to give their babies breastmilk in any capacity – working, stay at home, exclusive pumpers (aka heroes), etc.

How many mamas come to you having never known that breast pumps are covered by most insurance companies? 

Women are becoming more and more savvy about insurance covering their breast pumps. It is getting to the point where it is unusual that a woman says “Wow, I didn’t know this existed”…More frequently, we hear that they are shocked at how amazing and easy our process is and that they get to keep the pump and do not owe us any money for doing the work for them.

What have been the response from customers you've helped so far?  

We get surveys sent back to us daily from happy moms. We are truly honored at the kind words – we have never gotten a bad review. I know that sounds like it cannot be true, but the hundreds upon hundreds of surveys sent back to us are all positive remarks. Here are some recent surveys we’ve received:

Pump with Ashland: This Pharmacy Helps Mamas Get Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

“I felt like I had lots of personal attention (emails and phone calls).  I liked talking to a real person!” – Chalin
“Very fast, helpful, knowledgeable service.  Extremely efficient J” – Kristen
“Very Convenient service!  Quick and friendly.  Thank you for taking care of everything!” – Kayla
“Awesome customer service!  Prompt, helpful, and totally on the ball!  Seriously couldn’t be more impressed.” – Kimberly
“I’m blown away by the prompt service and attention to detail!  I will definitely be spreading the word.” – Cat

How easy is the process to start processing a breast pump order with Ashland Health?  

Our process is crazy easy! All you have to do is visit www.ashlandhealthrx.com and fill out a few pieces of information. We hold your hand through the rest. You can also call us at 312-771-0671.  We will communicate however is easiest for you after that point – phone, email, text, you name it! We will collect insurance information, check your benefits, give you a list of breast pumps, answer any questions about those pumps, then send you the product that best meets your needs! We will do it all with a very helpful and empathetic attitude. We love what we do at Ashland and it truly shows through our service!

What's next for Ashland Health? Are there any mommy or women-specific health areas you are looking to focus on next?  

We currently offer a maternity back brace to help moms suffering with back pain related to pregnancy. We also carry Newman’s nipple cream – aka “BB Cream” for our moms. This stuff is gold ladies, call us if you need nipple cream, and we will ship it right to your home! Something we are also very passionate about is connecting moms with lactation services. We will send a lactation consultant to your home – we believe every mom should have a lactation visit after they get home. Breastfeeding is not easy, and even if it is going pretty well, you will learn invaluable lessons and will be set up for nursing success!

Where can we learn more about Ashland Health?  

Visit our Instagram page @pumpwithashland for regular articles, and occasional giveaways. We are frequently named on mom message boards and are featured more and more on blogs like this. You can always learn more about us on our website www.ashlandhealthrx.com, or you can call us, and we will walk you through our offerings. We are all moms, so we have all been there an understand the overwhelming nature of picking the right products for you and your baby! 

October 06, 2016 — Mitera Collection