March 2016: The Month of Gratitude

Welcome to a new series on the Mitera blog! Starting today we're hearing from Mitera founder and CEO Yoko Shimada and learning what her favorites for the previous month are. As a #MiteraMom and #WonderWoman, Yoko spends a lot of time in the motherhood world, so we know that all of her favorites are mama approved.

In March I felt ... 
So grateful to all the mamas who have supported us through our first year.  So grateful to our family and friends and our team.  It's been an amazing month to be celebrating our first birthday!

xx Yoko


Favorite for Mamas
Isobel Phone Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff - I don't know how many times a day I lose my phone, so this has been a lifesaver. Plus it's designed by an amazing fellow mompreneur - Rebecca Minkoff!

Favorite for Baby
This is one of my favorite songs for babies. In fact, I love their entire album - I've definitely recommended it to my closest mama friends. We will be introducing one by one to you!


March 2016: The Month of Gratitude

Favorite for the Home

My current obsession, Moroccan Poufs, in white to match the decor of my house. I purchased mine from Maison Saadah in Dubai, but you can find similar styles herehere, and here




March 2016: The Month of Gratitude

Favorite for Work

I'm always carrying EVERYTHING with me just in case, from my laptop to its charger to my phone to a notebook to TOO MUCH! I love this bag and I also love Cuyana - started by two women and women-owned. And the fact that they're ethnically sound, just like us? Just more icing on top. 


March 31, 2016 — Mitera Collection