Loved By Mitera: All Granola

Last time we caught up with Amy, she was telling us all about how she keeps motherhood sweet, despite being a full-time lawyer, a full-time mom to baby Colin, and a full-time entrepreneur. Many of you wanted to hear about her granola, so today we asked her to tell us a little more about what makes hers so special.

Loved By Mitera: All Granola

So why granola?

Granola is simple and consistent and does not require a tremendous amount of time to prepare. Since I do most of it at nights or on weekends, it needed to be something I could do while working on other things. And I really find it very satisfying to chop, stir, mix it together as it requires a completely different part of my brain to create the flavors. I also love the varied uses for it-we eat it on fruit, with yogurt, add it to cookies, or throw a handful into a smoothie. Colin frequently asks for “nola” as a snack so I carry it with me as a to go snack. 

Tell us more about how special All Granola is!

My granola is different because it is all natural and does not contain sugar. I use honey and/or agave as sweetener so it doesn’t taste overly sweet, and it really lets the flavor of the nuts shine. I also strive to find the right balance of crunchy but not overly dry granola. I like having it as a healthy alternative for new moms who need energy.

My lactation granola has: fenugreek, brewers yeast, oats, flax seed and almonds, which are galoctogenic foods that help produce breast milk. 

My prenatal granola has: chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, almonds which provide omega 3, folic acid, and calcium, all nutrients that are important for expectant mothers. It also has unsweetened coconut, and a bit of ground ginger, ground cloves, and sea salt to provide a delicate sweetness (and is easy on the stomach).

And Nuttin Honey, my high protein granola, has: red quinoa for that extra kick of energy. I made that for my husband to help him get through the all day meetings, and the nights up taking care of our son.

So in a sense, I created a granola for every member of the family, and pre- and postnatal snack.

June 06, 2016 — Mitera Collection
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