June 2016: The Month of Reflection

Welcome to Yoko's Monthly Favorites! We're hearing from Mitera founder Yoko Shimada and learning what her favorites for June are. As a #MiteraMom and #WonderWoman, Yoko spends a lot of time in the motherhood world, so we know that all of her favorites are mama approved.

June means to me...
This month was a time for reflection for me.  Earlier this month, I attended the memorial service of one of my dearest friends Anita Datar who was killed in the Bamako Mali terrorist attack at the Raddison Blu Hotel. She was one of my closest friends when we used to work together at Futures Group (now Palladium) and remained so for many years after we both pursued different career paths, lived in different places, went through different phases of our lives including becoming mothers. She was a loving daughter, sister, a partner, a friend, a mother and a public health expert and a passionate advocate for social justice.  She was there for me when I took the leap of faith to start Mitera.  She told me how proud she was of me for going out of my comfort zone to start something completely new from scratch.  As I was preparing for the launch of Mitera, she wrote to me: 

“Hi, Yoko. I just wanted to wish you very best wishes for a successful launch. I am so happy for and proud of you for combining all of your passion into one explosion of pure beauty. This line is so YOU!”

She knew me well so her message meant the world to me and it continues to lift me up as I go through my entrepreneurial journey. As the founder of a fashion brand, I am often asked about who my 'muse' is. For me, she is someone like Anita - she is bright, curious, passionate, inspirational with a killer sense self-deprecating humor. She is well-traveled and cultured and conscious, thoughtful and compassionate about the world she lives in. She lives with an intention passionately pursuing her career, runs marathons, volunteers at her son's school and is known for her lasagna. She is what I call a modern mother. Someone who is all that and a mother. 

Sitting at the memorial service, I could not help but to feel responsible for living my life to the fullest. I renewed my commitment to improving the health status of mothers and children at home and abroad and I am more than ever committed and ready to doing so through Mitera. 

It is impossible to convey all my feelings in this short post for the month and it cannot do justice to Anita's life that was cut too short. But I wanted to share what's been on my mind this month.  

Now onto my June favorites!

xx Yoko

June 2016: The Month of Reflection

Favorite for Mamas

Try Pursoma. Because it is crucial to take care of yourself first. As mothers, you are naturally inclined to put your kids before yourself. As women, we are naturally inclined to take care of others. But it is impossible to do that if you are unwell. It is of course easier said than done, but having a long detoxing hot bath every once in a while? I think I can do that and I deserve it. 


June 2016: The Month of Reflection

Favorite for Babies

Water. Yes. Water. The best advice I have ever received from one of my best friends when I just became a mother was to use water and cotton balls/pads to wipe my baby's butt. Avoid using wipes if you can at least for the first few weeks. When you are out with the baby (or when babies start on solids...), it can be difficult but at home, stick to using water. Thanks to this advice, neither of my kids ever had a diaper rash. Here are some links that you can check out - this one, this one, and this one.


June 2016: The Month of Reflection

Grace above is pictured wearing our Charlotte Dress

Favorite for Work

When I drive to do the school runs, I listen to podcasts.  I am always thinking of improving myself, the way we do business and how to serve our customers better. Podcasts like these provide a wealth of insights and knowledge. Feeling productive in a car makes me less grumpy during the commute so I highly recommend it. 

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