Jenna Nienhuis, on being a part of 'a motherhood'


Jenna Nienhuis, on being a part of 'a motherhood'

Before August 16th, 2016, I thought motherhood was a phase that women entered; a personal journey. I thought it was the experience of becoming and being a mother.

{The only thing I really had to compare it to was the journey of entering “womanhood” at age 13 and the cringe-worthy feeling of telling my mom I got my period through the closed bathroom door, only to be met with the over zealous words, “You’re becoming a woman!”. It makes me die in awkward self-consciousness just thinking about it. That feeling of going through puberty was a vastly personal and solo journey, with the occasional tip or two from a sister or friend.}

Since August 16, 2016, I have come to understand motherhood in a different, surprising way. While I have certainly entered into a new dimension, the journey has been one of community, collaboration, and support.

I had no idea it was something I would become a part of.

A Motherhood.

I feel as though I have joined a secret club that I never knew I wanted to be a part of, but deeply needed. A true sense of belonging, sealed with the stamp of labor, surrogacy, adoption or any other means.

Other moms, young and old, look at me with compassionate eyes and unconditional respect, as though I’ve arrived. Their expression says, “I get it”.

I’ve been welcomed at mommy and me classes, mom and baby yoga, and lactation support groups. We’ve followed blogs written with raw authenticity and joined Facebook advice groups.

Jenna Nienhuis, on being a part of 'a motherhood'

A whole network of moms. Moms who have my back. Moms who have stood where I stand.

At the edge of a bassinet in tears at three in the morning.

In shoes I’m not sure how to fill.

On the rug doing jumping jacks for the chance of a rewarding giggle.

In the bar at a bachelorette party, pumping and dumping.

However you got there, wherever you live, whoever you are; thank you to all moms in the motherhood.  

Thank you for your hard work, your unspoken love, and our unbreakable bond.


Jenna Nienhuis, on being a part of 'a motherhood'

Jenna Nienhuis is a freelance writer, traveler, and fresh air addict. She thanks her daughter Maisley everyday for bringing her into the magical world of motherhood. Jenna is constantly seeking the balance between living a life of adventure, and putting down roots with her growing family. So far, she’s finding motherhood to be the greatest adventure of all.  She guest blogs for Mitera blog in her 'spare' time.

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