"I decided to do what was best for my child."

"Before getting pregnant with my first child, Hunter Luna, I asked my mom how difficult it would be in going from no kids to having one. Her response was, “You just have to find a rhythm. Bottle feed her then put her down to sleep and you’ll have time to design and finish things around the house.” Then cut to my reality - baby always in my arms either to feed or play while getting minimum sleep just to get things done. I delivered Hunter naturally, with just my husband at my side, chanting to myself, "You will see her face soon,” repeatedly. And in that moment I decided to continue to do what was best for my child by breastfeeding until she was ready to wean (at 25 months). Sure it means you’re always glued to someone without having much alone time to yourself. But you’re bringing another human life into this world to bless and not just add to the population count. In my experience, when I breastfeed it’s a bond that I create with another human life. When Hunter holds my fingers while guzzling down nourishment that my body naturally creates for her it makes me appreciate this rhythm of life. It’s this rhythm that I’ll be able to explain to Hunter much later down the road when she’s ready to expect her first child."

- Lenie Gallardo, Graphic designer and mother to two, taking on breastfeeding like a superwoman.

August 09, 2016 — Mitera Collection