How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower During Coronavirus Lockdown

During the period of #socialdistancing, it is not possible to have a traditional baby shower.  Here is a step-by-step guide to throwing a virtual baby shower! 


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1. Plan ahead and save the date
People's calendars for virtual events might be filling up quickly. Decide on a date and send a save the date card using services like the Paperless Post (or appoint someone to do this for you).

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2. Decide on a theme
Hopping out for a quick shopping at a party store is not possible and delivery time on Amazon is taking longer than usual.  Decide on a theme using tools like Pinterest and (and blogs like this one and this one) start collecting ideas and items for your shower. 
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3. Choose an online "venue" and do a test run
Decide on a site that everyone can connect for a live video chat such as Skype, Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts, etc. If you want your elderly grandma to join the party, then you may want to plan early to get her and train her to be using the technology ahead of the party. 

4. Set up a registry 
This should be the fun part! Decide on a site (sites) to register for what you need and want.  Do your research (here are some information on what you might need...and don't forget to get something for YOU, mama!).  

5. Decide on what to wear :-)
Look no further than Mitera and order ahead. All our pieces are pregnancy and nursing ready so you will be able to get of mileage out of your pieces. 

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6. Plans games and activities
Make it fun for everyone from your mom to your best friend to your grandma. Here are some ideas - here and here.

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7. Decorate the space and have fun!
This one is obviously optional, but it might help you feel festive to put up a few decorations in the area where you'll be hosting the live video chat. The host (if it was not you) like your best friend could sent you a box a week before the party filled with everything you needed to set up, like decorations, cute napkins and what you'd need for games and prizes. 

8. Don't forget to send them thank you notes. 


If you want an online service to take care of the planning of your virtual shower for you, there are services like WeBabyShower to the rescue!


Having to cancel your baby shower is understandably frustrating. But the need for a Plan B may actually be a great opportunity.  Embrace and have fun with a virtual shower!  


April 13, 2020 — Mitera Collection