Happy Mother's Day From Mitera: What Makes You #ABETTERMOM?

Happy #mothersdayweekend, Mamas I am Yoko, Mitera’s founder. I feel so honored that you chose to have Mitera as a part of your motherhood journey. This Mother’s Day, we of course want to acknowledge and celebrate all that YOU do for your kids and family but also what you do for YOURSELF that makes you #abettermom As moms, we often feel guilty about putting our needs first, pursuing our dreams or career, and taking time for ourselves even just to take a shower alone! But at Mitera, we believe it is so important just to do that and doing so makes us #abettermom. We cannot pour from an empty glass, right?

So share with us - what makes you #abettermom?

Is it making sure you have your morning coffee?(I still microwave my coffee multiple times a day...) 
Is it taking the time to exercise?
Is it going to work in your power suit?
Is it finally taking the plunge and starting your own business?
Or is it a weekly date night with your partner?

Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you what you think makes you #abettermom.

To kick things off, here is MY LIST
- Starting my day with exercise (I normally ‍♂️ twice a week, ‍♀️ twice a week and ‍♀️ twice a week)
Leading by example by taking a risk in starting my own business
Accepting I cannot be everywhere and do everything and asking for help (a great nanny and my husband and I are a team)
Having a sense of humor and not taking myself too seriously even when s...t hits the fan ️.

I would ️ to hear from you - Please send me your comment below

May 13, 2018 — Mitera Collection