From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World

"Amour de soi" or, the "love of self regardless of others perceptions," is the belief system behind TyLynn Nguyen's intimates design collection. Curated for the strong, immaculate, and effortlessly chic woman of today, TyLynn Nguyen Intimates is the personification of female. Based in Los Angeles California, TyLynn has designed the life of her dreams, creating both a life for her line, as well as a life for her family- her husband and two children. We sat down with TyLynn to chat about design, the joys of L.A. living, and being full-time business woman. 

From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World

Tylynn wears our Ellen Dress in Ivory above.

You look gorgeous in our Ellen Dress in Ivory and we love how you wear it! How do you like it as a mom of a breastfeeding baby and a toddler?  
Thank you!! I love it! Let me tell you! We were at the Grove in Los Angeles and my son was hungry…my daughter kept pulling on my pant leg to pay attention to something she saw. You know how that is as a mom with a new baby you need to hurry up and feed your baby so you can also concentrate on your toddler! All I had to do was unzip my dress and bam! The baby was good and my daughter was getting the attention she desired. Lifesaver!

Do you face any challenges trying to get work done as a breastfeeding mom? 
Of course! My biggest challenges are eating and emailing. I don’t want to get any food on my son or spill anything hot on him and because I work for myself emails happen all day and sometimes there isn’t a free hand.

What are the biggest blessings you receive from being an entrepreneurial mother?
Being a “stay at home (or office)” mom lol. Best feeling ever. What matters the most is the health and well-being of my children mentally, emotionally, and physically. And there is nothing like the beginning bond between mom and baby to set precedence for a strong and healthy parent-child relationship. 

You are a model and also the founder of TyLynn Nguyen Intimates. What inspired you to start the line and who is the TyLynn Nguyen woman?
I was inspired by the lack of beautiful and classic lingerie pieces in the market. There wasn’t anything out there that I could 100% relate to…so I made it! The TyLynn Nguyen woman shapes her own style. She borrows ideas from the past as she blazes her own trail. She is classic and imaginative. A woman of influence that believes in the power of self love and manifesting her dreams into reality.

From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World

What are your inspirations for the upcoming Summer collection? 
My upcoming Summer collection is inspired by an untitled Cy Twombly painting and self-love. There are the softest sleep sets, new slip colors, and sexy bodysuits that I’m really excited to introduce. 

Does being a mom have any influence on the way you run your business? 
Of course. There is just tons of planning ahead each day. My husband and I have a shared calendar to make sure we stay on schedule and know whats going on in each others lives. It's really helpful being that we are partners, business partners, and most importantly parents together.

From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World
From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World
From Lace & Lingerie to L.A. - TyLynn Nguyen Designs Her World

Tell us about going back to work after baby. What advice would you share?
Well with my first child I went back to work on a TV show in 2 short months. This time I learned I need to slow down. So I’ve been taking my time and asking for help where I need it.  I would tell new moms to communicate if they need help. It can be hard because we feel like we have to be superwoman. Just remember in order to be our best selves we need to take care of ourselves. 

Last but not least! What Thanksgiving tradition do you hope to pass down to your children? 
My husband has a big family so its nice to get together with them and talk and eat a bunch of food. The smell in the kitchen, children helping making the desert, kids running around the kitchen…yea, that warms my heart and I hope to make lasting memories with my babies and even with their future babies. 

August 13, 2015 — Mitera Collection