Five Questions with Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga + Pilates Instructor and Mom

At our last Talking Motherhood event, we met some of the most incredible #workingmoms in New York City. Among them was one of our panelists, Kristin McGee - who, on top of being a celebrity Yoga + Pilates instructor and contributor on several platforms on health and wellness, is also a mother to an adorable toddler and is currently expecting twins! We caught up with her quickly after the event and asked her five questions on motherhood.

Five Questions with Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga + Pilates Instructor and Mom

Tell us about your pregnancy!

My first pregnancy with Timothy (now 3 years old) was right before my 40th birthday. He was born July 31, 2013, my birthday is August 31st. I find it so interesting right as I’m about to hit a milestone birthday, I’m blessed with an amazing child. My career was going strong, I was teaching at least 30 hours a week and blogging and writing and hosting on the side. I taught right up until the day he was born and I saw a private client five days later. I could go see this high end client since my mom was in town and she and Timothy and I all went everywhere together. Once she left NYC back to Idaho (where I grew up) I slowed down a bit and then started back up after Timothy was around 4 months old.

What surprised me the most was how much I loved it! I had no idea I was going to feel so good and have such an amazing experience. I was surprised at how much energy and female hormones I had during the second trimester (sex is great!) and also happy that my body could still do almost everything. The summer was a hot one though so it did feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes running around towards the end of my pregnancy. This time around being pregnant with twins is a whole new experience. I definitely don’t have the same stamina as before and I have to take it easy more.

What were some of the hardest things post-partum? 

Sleep deprivation! Nursing wasn’t tough for me luckily. Then just going back to work and leaving Timothy at home, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to balance what I love doing and being with the baby I love more than anything.

Five Questions with Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga + Pilates Instructor and Mom

How did you feel about your personal identity while pregnant and after giving birth? 

I think I feel empowered while pregnant and I definitely felt so incredible after giving birth. I did want to get back in to shape as fast as I could since everything I do is physical; but I also loved how giving birth changed my body and made me more womanly. I can relate to more of my clients now and working with pre/post natal clients helps me understand them on a whole new level as opposed to just what I learned in training, now I’ve actually “been there, done that.”

I am a better mother when I still pursue my passion and do something I love in addition to being a mom. My job is awesome in that I work for myself and can make my own hours; but it’s also hard to draw the line. I finally found a good balance of working every morning and spending every afternoon with my son. I write in the evening when he’s asleep and wake up early to try and squeeze in my own practice or meditation. I don’t know how crazy it will be once the twins come; but I know I will still want to work in some capacity.

Five Questions with Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga + Pilates Instructor and Mom

What was the transition like going back to work? Any advice for new moms? 

I think it’s very hard because you miss your child so very much; but you also come home with that much more joy and excitement to your baby. I could come home and pump in between clients or see him when I really wanted to. I think it must be so hard for moms who work more traditional 9-5 type jobs but my nanny told me once she started and I was feeling so conflicted that it’s the quality time you spend with your child not the quantity. I think you just have to cherish the moments you can and be in the moment as much as possible. Bring special things with you to remind you of your child or look at pictures of them on your phone to cheer you up.

Do you have work-life balance? Where did you lean for support?

I called my mom A LOT! I joined an upper west side moms support group. I relied on my friends and even clients who are parents and grandparents.

There are times I just demand he comes with me on business trips (when I go to LA or Florida for spokewoman work etc). I find a way to combine mommyhood and my business as much as possible as well. There are weeks when I work a lot and weeks when I can be home more. I don’t know if it’s ever a balance, it’s more like a juggling act.

November 11, 2016 — Mitera Collection