A mother wearing a Mitera collection nursing top holding a baby

An Asian mother wearing Mitera Collection's Ellen Dress nursing her baby.

From bump to breast to business meeting.

We shudder at the thought of a pile of discarded maternity wear. Everything we make is designed to adjust with you, so you look and feel great from new business pitch to playground. From playing dress up to first-date-night-in-months. We also care about working with factories that follow strict ethical standards.  

Built strong, durable and versatile. Like you.

Great fabric matters. We consciously source fabric that is machine washable, resists wrinkles and is sustainable as much as possible. Our clothing gives you the freedom to play or run to a meeting across town. It lasts through your stumbles and accomplishments and can be worn through it all. Read more about why we prefer 'slow fashion' – carefully developed, tested by real-life moms, and produced with meticulous attention in factories that meet our high ethical standards. 

Designed for women. Engineered for moms.

We love the gentle collision of chic and practical, of refined and functional. And we use our own experience as moms to include secret mom tricks like hidden zippers for easy and discreet breastfeeding and big kangaroo pockets to store it all. 

Mother to Mother, we can spread love

We started Mitera to empower, inspire, celebrate and support our fellow moms, beyond our own communities.  So, we are so honored to have been featured in this blog post about ethical, sustainable maternity and nursing clothing in the birds-of-a-threads blog.   

Enjoy the actual post below. 


Ethical, Sustainable Maternity Clothing


I never quite succeeded in creating a my dream capsule wardrobe, but before I got pregnant I was in a pretty good place clothing-wise. I'd found ethical versions of most of my wardrobe staples, sewn a few things, and curbed my purchasing habits quite a bit. I was hoping I could somehow adapt my wardrobe for pregnancy without having to spend too much.

After all, it seemed really lame to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes that I could only wear for nine months. Talk about waste! Talk about being a target demographic!  I could work around the bump, right? Defy the expectations of society and Google Ads alike?

Oh, how naive I was. I'm only four months in and not really that big yet, but I've already had to put much of my "normal" wardrobe away.

One of the problems is that I didn't wear much loose, flowing clothing to begin with. Most of my dresses are fitted at the waist, and I tend to forgo knit blouses in favor of cotton or silk blends that don't leave much wiggle room. Even my looser shift dresses now make me look like a tent, and the hems of my blouses are rising to scandalous heights. I'm at a point that I need to find some ethically-made staple pieces, and fast.

I spent some time last weekend scouring the internet and other ethical fashion blogs to find the cutest sustainable maternity and maternity-friendly brands out there. Did I miss anything? Pregnant or formerly-pregnant ladies speak up!


Maternity Skirt
  • Ace and Jig | Lots of loose, flowy stuff, if that's your thing.
  • M.M. Lafleur | Made in USA | Check out their blog post detailing how Maura Kutner Walters, the Digital Executive Editor of Condé Nast Traveler, adapted M.M. Lafleur dresses during her pregnancy.
  • Synergy | Made with certified organic materials using fair labor practices | Lots of jersey, lots of stretch!
  • Reformation | Sustainable and made in USA | Ok, so while 99.9% of Reformation's clothing is notmaternity-friendly, they do carry some gorgeous wrap tops, like the one pictured to the left, that could be layered over a maternity dress and tied above the bump. I'm going to try this one out, and hopefully have a cute wrap top I can wear post-baby :)
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March 01, 2021 — Mitera Collection