"Breastfeeding is definitely a superpower; it solves around 82% of my problems."

"I have had a few situations where I have been breastfeeding JJ and someone has said to other people in the room, “She is just [going to] breastfeed him, it is natural, that is what breasts are made for,” etc. That to me is not normalizing breastfeeding. I have felt very awkward in those situations. I don’t think that breastfeeding needs to be defended or explained. If my breastfeeding was ever to be defended, then it would be by me. If a mother is spoon or bottle feeding her baby no one points out that she is doing so, so why should breastfeeding be any different? It is just feeding."

Iris Thomsen, mother and blogger, defining what normalizing breastfeeding truly means.

*Beautiful photo of @hissleepysmiles taken by the talented James Kelly.

August 06, 2016 — Mitera Collection