Today's Working Motherhood

Today’s Working MotherhoodShifts of Personal Identity Through The Motherhood Journey

 Founder of Mitera, Yoko Shimada

Founder of Mitera, Yoko Shimada

What happens when you group experienced, successful, outspoken mothers together in a room? We found out. On a crisp spring evening in May in Upper West Side of New York City, a diverse group of women gathered for an intimate event hosted by Mitera and Beyond Moms. The event was the first in Mitera's event series called the "Talking Motherhood," focused on redefining motherhood for the modern mother. Under the topic  Today’s Working MotherhoodShifts of Personal Identity Through The Motherhood Journeyan impressive panel of 6 NYC-based working mothers shared their own unique journeys with the audience where everyone felt both the power and the warmth of the sisterhood of motherhood. The event began with our founder Yoko Shimada and co-host Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom welcoming the crowd and expressing their gratitude to the amazing panel which included Annabella Daily, Founder of Map My Beauty, Brittany Marcin, a Broadway Dancer/Actress, Jenny Greenstein, a Personal Stylist and founder of a style blog YourSoulStyle, Michaela Edwards, Manager of the Norwegian Sovereign Fund, Rawya Rageh, former broadcast journalist specialized in conflict zones formally with Al Jeezera and Associated Press, Shannon Vaughn, Founder of Puresoma, and Stephanie Sy, a broadcast journlaist with Yahoo news and formally with Al Jeezera America.  Stephanie, putting on the journalist's hat, acted as the panel's moderator and led the discussion by first sharing her own personal story about working motherhood stating 'what is shared in this room stays in this room'. Her comment broke the ice successfully and instantly created an intimate and confidential atmosphere for everyone to share their stories.  

 Yoko Shimada, Founder of  Mitera  and Randi Zinn of  Beyond Mom , event's co-host.

Yoko Shimada, Founder of Mitera and Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom, event's co-host.

 Randi Zinn of  Beyond Mom  and Grace Lee of  Nine Naturals

Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom and Grace Lee of Nine Naturals




The audience heard from the panelists about their own personal stories of juggling career and motherhood and the discussion covered a wide range of topics ranging from pregnancy, breastfeeding, pumping and postpartum experience as a working mother to the challenges of being a working mother in their own unique professions.  Guests enjoyed vegan sushi (out of respect to our soon-to-be-moms in attendance), Granola from All Granola, Water from our partner Vrou water, drinks from Bundle Organics and treats from Baked by Melissa. Before and after the enlightened discussion, all those in attendance shopped our collection, tried on samples with some walking away with their new Mitera purchases. 

Amazing Mama Discussion


Thanks to their presence and insights, all those in attendance was treated with a special gift bag thanks to our amazing mama-run partner brands NineNaturals and Puresoma. With so much love and so many stories to share, we did not want to end this very successful first Talking Motherhood event.  The key take-away from the event was this: Find your village - surround yourself with a strong, passionate, unique and beautiful group of fellow modern moms because you need them to laugh and cry with as well as to lean on when you are leaning-in both in parenting and career.  Ultimately, the first Talking Motherhood talk could not have been more educational, inspirational and empowering thanks to the insightful panel and incredible audience. We can hardly wait to see what comes next!  


Thanks to our event sponsors (alphabetically): All Granola BundleOrganics, NineNaturals, Puresoma, Vrou Water. 

May 01, 2016 — Adriano WholeDesignStudios