Talking Business, Babies, And Breastfeeding With Mama Glow

Mark your calendars for this Thursday, October 8, 2015! As part of their #MamaGlowSalonSeries, Mama Glow–the online health, wellness, and lifestyle resource for expectant and new mothers–is hosting a conversation on Business, Babies, Breastfeeding: The challenges + triumphs of modern motherhood + the workplace.

The conversation will be moderated by Rebecca Sinn of SELF magazine, Latham Thomas of Mama Glow, and Yoko Shimada of MITERA (an upscale maternity fashion collection designed for the expectant and breastfeeding mama, which is also presenting the event).

Attendees will be able to shop the MITERA collection and take home a gift!

This event takes place on Thursday, October 8, from 6:30-8:30pm at a private penthouse in SoHo. To RSVP and get info on the exact location, email your name and affiliation to

To learn more about Mama Glow, visit!