Style the Bump: 37 Weeks

Style the Bump: 37 Weeks

When I first became pregnant, I had no intentions of publishing weekly Style The Bump posts, but about 6 months into the journey I realized while facing my own prenatal style challenges that others were likely going through a similar struggle. As I started to consider my changing shape, comfort, and not wanting to break the bank, I discovered styling strategies and techniques that I knew other women could benefit from. So alas, Style The Bump series for Your Soul Style was born. Which then lead to the launch of my *NEW* Prenatal/Postnatal Styling Package, which you can read details about here!

While I still have 3 more weeks to go (I’m 37 weeks today!), this babe could potentially be here at any given moment, and I wanted to share this recap with you before she arrives! So here are 6 key tips to apply while rocking your new bump…

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Hands down, my two favorite silhouettes were a jumpsuit/overalls & dresses. You can get a complete outfit in one, and make sure to look for styles without a defined waistline to ensure room for your growing belly. 


A good pair of designer denim that you will wear until the end of your pregnancy is worth the investment. Especially if you’re a jeans gal and can wear to work. Keep in mind that if you want to buy maternity jeans, wait until your second trimester when the rest of your body (aside from your belly) starts to fill out a bit. This will ensure that you’re buying a size that will last. Other items to invest in are styles you will get a lot of use out of. Even if you don’t wear in postnatal life, if you are going to live in a piece over the course of 10 months, it’s worth it! For me, it was my Hatch Cashmere Onesie. I wore it endlessly. 


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There are likely many items in your closet that will work during a pregnancy, but you need to get creative! Set aside some time early on in your pregnancy to go through your closet and pull out what will work and what will not. Store the items that won’t in a separate area so you have a clear point of view about the items that will. Create a new baseline for the next 10+ months. Items in your existing wardrobe that tend to work are dresses/jumpsuits without seams, dresses with stretch,  joggers (think elastic waist), extra-long tanks and tees, oversize sweaters, oversize button-downs, skirts with an elastic waist, blazers and cardigans. 


When pregnant, you wear a lot of the same thing over and over since your wardrobe is limited. That said, items like scarves, bags, statement jewelry, and shoes can give a blank canvas such as a solid black dress many different iterations. 


YES! You’re body is changing. YES! Your belly is getting bigger, along with your boobs, butt and likely legs too. But the new curvier version of yourself is just as beautiful and sexy. It’s just about shifting your perspective on what sexy actually is. Becoming a mother is one of the most empowering journeys that life has to offer so embrace it and own it. Wear clothing that highlights your assets and your womanhood!