Pleated Sleeveless Dress with Belt Here…

Pleated sleeveless dress with beltWorking mom wearing business casual dress from Mitera

The Woman: Fiona
I was born in China, and am the oldest of three (rare in Chinese families) with a pretty big age gap between siblings. I’ve spent half of my life in China and the rest on two different continents: 6 years in beautiful New Zealand and 7 years now in the US. I’m married with a son who is 5 months old now. Charlie was born four days before my school semester started and got his name because he was born at a hospital near Charles River in Boston.

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The Look
Fiona’s pretty and pleated pale pink dress is both fashionable and functional. As mentioned before, Fiona is a new mother, so this Miteradress got to follow her through the entire maternity process and still looks fabulous on her post-pregnancy! The dress can be worn with the bow belt to flatter your figure, or without for a looser, airier feel. Fiona threw on some pearl earrings and nude pumps to complete her 9-to-5 look!
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