It's in the Bag

It's in the Bag
Le Diaper Bag || Wooden Teether || Solly Baby Wrap || Diaper Bag || Paci Clip + Paci 

Aside from often getting asked questions about what the girls are wearing, the other common question I get asked is how I manage outings with all 3 kids? As all mamas know, it usually take us forever to just even pack everyone up to leave the house that by the time you're ready to go, you're completely exhausted. I've managed to keep things simple with an easy to follow system that helps keep me organized, but more importantly, sane.
I have never been one that obsesses over diaper bags. Now strollers, thats a different story but diaper bags have never been something I like to fuss over. I try to make outings as easy as possible without having to lug around a suitcase. To make things much easier, I do keep a few times in the car that stays there and just gets swapped out or replenished when used. Here's exactly what goes into keeping our ventures fun and less stressful.

Main Diaper bag:

|| Solly Wrap - I like to carry Mila when I grocery shop to avoid having to lug around her carseat in shopping carts since she cant sit up yet. Plus, having a wrap readily available can be a life saver for fussy days.

|| 3 diapers + wipes - I only keep three in my diaper bag at a time just to cut down on space. I know what you're thinking..."what?! thats not enough!!!" Well, we'll get to that a little further down.

|| Paci - Mila isn't huge on taking a paci so its not a big deal but she has had days where it's been a life saver so I always keep one on hand and on a leash just to make sure it doesn't go missing.

|| 1 cute change of outfit including socks, bonnet, and bib.

|| A thin blanket - Saves space and is breathable.

|| A water bottle for Mila and drinks and snacks for Maya and Maddy.

|| Formula holder + bottle - I pre-measure each section of the container and fill it with formula servings to make things much easier and more convenient.

It's in the Bag
It's in the Bag

Thats pretty much IT for my day to day diaper bag. The list is simple and very minimal. The only thing that I need to do is make sure I've restocked her formula container, diapers, clean clothes, and water and snacks if I've used them. Everything else is pretty standard.

For shorter outings like going to the park or walks to our local library, I ditch the diaper bag all together and just grab my small Le Diaper clutch. Inside it are two diapers + a ziplock filled with a thin stack of wipes, paci, a onesie, and a zip lock with just one serving of formula. I usually have a pre-made bottle ready in addition to the extra formula. This takes care of Mila's essential needs and keeps things minimal. However, as mentioned, this is strictly for shorter outings and not meant for staying out for extended periods of time.

The last part of my "system" is my "stockpile bag" that stays in the car. This is pretty much just a readiness bag that is meant for back up. I always keep in it extra diapers, wipes, a thick blanket, 2 onesies + sweater for baby, and an extra paci in the event that I forgot to replenish any of the things used in my diaper bag or in case we go through them faster than I anticipated.

Leaving the house doesn't have to be a daunting experience and I find that preparation is always key to making things run smoothly...or as smoothly as possible!

It's in the Bag
March 17, 2016 — Mitera Collection