Yoko Shimada and children

“You are not just a mother.
You are everything else and a mother.”

Yoko Shimada, founder of Mitera

It’s quite possible that Yoko was one of the most unlikely founders of a fashion company. Before launching Mitera, she dedicated her life to global health. She worked at places such as the World Bank and the Clinton Foundation trying to improve the health equity gap in the most challenging and underserved environments. When she became a mother, it opened her eyes to the harsh reality that less fortunate mothers and babies face right here in the U.S..

She wakes up each day with a purpose: to drape mamas in clothing that makes their lives easier, makes them feel like their beautiful selves and empowers them to chase their aspirations. Through Mitera, Yoko hopes to help create a world where all women are connected through motherhood.

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Designed for women.
Engineered for moms.

We love the gentle collision of chic and practical, of refined and functional. And we use our own experience as moms to include secret mom tricks like hidden zippers for easy and discreet breastfeeding and big kangaroo pockets to store it all.

Mitera versatility

From bump to breast to
business meeting.

We shudder at the thought of a pile of discarded maternity wear. Everything we make is designed to adjust with you, so you look and feel great from new business pitch to playground. From playing dress up to first-date-night-in-months.

Built strong, durable and versatile.
Like you.

Great fabric matters. We consciously source fabric that is machine washable, resists wrinkles and can be traced back to its source. Our clothing gives you the freedom to play or run to a meeting across town. It lasts through your stumbles and accomplishments and can be worn through it all. Read more about why we prefer 'slow fashion' – carefully developed, tested by real-life moms, and produced with meticulous attention in factories that meet our high ethical standards.

Mother to Mother,
we can spread love

We started Mitera to empower, inspire, celebrate and support our fellow moms, beyond our own communities. So with every dress you purchase, we donate a portion of our revenue to innovative organizations that are dedicated to improving maternal and newborn health. Learn more about our Mother to Mother program below.


As a mother, the love you feel for your child is immeasurable.
Join Mitera in sharing this love to change the world for our 
fellow moms and children—Mother to Mother

With every product you purchase,
Mitera will support organizations
dedicated to improving the lives of
moms and babies around the world.

Together with you, we help improve their access to quality healthcare, and provide vital health technology and support needed to save newborn lives in the most challenging environments. It’s technology that we take for granted, but that we have the power to share with the world.

Through technology,
we can give the gift of life,
and a healthy beginning.

Our partner D-Rev designs and delivers medical technologies that close the quality healthcare gap for under-served populations – like this brilliance unit, used to treat jaundice through phototherapy. Jaundice is the #1 reason why newborns are readmitted to hospitals worldwide. Severe cases, when left untreated or ineffectively treated, can lead to severe brain damage or death – yet every year, over 6 million babies are not receiving adequate treatment – most of these in the developing world.1 Our partners are dedicated to changing this.

1 “BK Cline, R Vilms, K. McGraw, HH Lou, KM Donaldson, VK Bhutani. Global Burden and Unmet Need for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment. Poster session presented at: Pediatric Academic Society; 2011 April 30-May 3; Denver, CO.”

Learn more about how technology
can save newborns lives:

Research and Development in D-Rev’s Newborn Health Program

Phototherapy Technology to Treat Newborn Jaundice

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